City of Dreams

Five finalists were selected for the 2020 City of Dreams Pavilion Competition in New York. The competition is initiated by the AIA New York which is founded in 1857 and thus the oldest and largest department of the American Institute of Architects. The 2020 pavilion will be the tenth City of Dreams Pavilion.

We are honored to announce that our client Murr Architekten is one of the five finalists.

Here are two compositional variations of our visualizations, not sure, which one we would favor…

The Ecosphere, as the project is called is “a green sphere created by plants and light, framed by a rigid scaffolding structure, evokes creative memories and fantasies and invites interaction, discussion, and interpretation, promoting awareness of our connection to the planet. Ecosphere’s open structure at the ground level allows visitors to enter and find covered, intimate places in the middle of the Lighthouse Park. The pavilion provides a backdrop for performances, lectures, music, shows, and more. Ecosphere can serve as a unifying symbol, representing the natural environment in an artificial surrounding, and a bright illuminated celebration of the future” (Project Description, AIA, 2020).

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