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Nightnurse Images are a young and international team. This ‘Suggestions‘-series will take you around the world and disclose the gems of different cities, based on our team’s recommendations.

Today’s special includes an office favorite, a Bavarian-inspired restaurant, and a casual apéro spot.

Les Halles

Les Halles has existed since 1998 and is the place to go for moules frites. However, the place also serves a ‘plat du jour’, beef tartare, soups and salads – all inspired by French cuisine. Les Halles resembles a market hall with its raw and cozy interior and multiple-purpose space, including food stations, a bar, a food/drinks store, a boulangerie, and a bike shop.

In the summertime, Les Halles offers outdoor seating on their snug terrace or on their front patio. This is where you on a Friday after work might spot some Nurses enjoying a beer or playing töggeli (table football).

Bon Appétit!

Get more information about Les Halles on their website.


This place satisfies whatever your heart and taste buds desire. Dinner on weekdays or maybe additionally brunch on the weekends, ROSI is open every day of the week. Serving modern and tasteful dishes inspired by the Bavarian kitchen.

The mastermind behind the scenes at ROSI is chef Markus Stöckle. Stöckle is known for finding the inspiration for his food-creation outside of the gastronomic scene, such as science and history. In an interview with Salz und Peffer, he revealed that he has found inspiration in e.g. 19th-century recipes made by late King Ludwig of Bavaria’s personal chef, as well as the scientifically researched kiki/bouba-effect: ‘The Shape of Your Taste, which is a scientific experiment that explains the connection between the sensory and motor systems of the brain.

The interior is modern and welcoming. In the summer dining at ROSI includes the possibility of sitting in their front courtyard-like patio that has a sort of home feel to it.

Intrigued? Go get the ROSI experience, we will see you there every once in a while when we want that little extra.

Guten Appetit!

Get more information about ROSI on their website.

Wohnzimmer Bar

Your living room away from home. A one-room bar with cozy sofas and armchairs. You can get your favorite drink staple, which comes with a smaller snack of your choice, such as olives or pieces of salami. Making it a great place for an apéro (Swiss apéritif) or a place you can stop by after dinner or work for a coffee or a Grappa.

You can spot Nurses at Wohnzimmer Bar when our own living rooms are just too small to fit us all.

Sum Wohl und En Guete!

Get more information about Wohnzimmer Bar on their website.

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