Tutorial: The Use of Colors in Architectural Visualization

This tutorial was part of SOA Academy Days 2020, we received great compliments for our contribution and therefore we have chosen to share this video version on the image tutorial.

Andreas Papastergiou © Nightnurse Images

In this tutorial our skilled visualizer Andreas will help you get an understanding, or perfect, your image-making skills by explaining one of the most important aspects of computer-generated image-making: color.

Color is an integral part of the visual experience of humans. Through color, we receive a wealth of information about light, materials, and textures, critical during our interaction with our environment. In our image-making context, color can either make or break a scene. Using it correctly can help us convey the intended mood and guide the viewer to what’s important. Using it wrongly can destroy continuity, impair realism, or otherwise disturb and confuse the viewer. In short, color can be considered our primary tool in creating a believable image.

This tutorial is one part of three, the other tutorials in this series about composition and values are available on our blog: https://blog.nightnurse.ch/category/tutorials/

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