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New Visual Workflow

With every new project, we are entering the world of our clients, learning about their ideas and concepts and translating their visions into visual experiences. A solid but agile process that supports clear communication and trustful collaboration is vital for us to serve this purpose.

With the experience of the past years, we took the chance to update our Visual Workflow and improved it to reflect our service idea.

We are taking our time diving into the project and revealing the idea’s core. By having this focus at the beginning of the process, we are defining an inspiring vision of the outcome.

_0 Preparation

As a first step, we are gaining an overview of the project and gathering all relevant data. Questions like “What message does the image need to transfer?” or “What makes the design unique?” are being addressed. By defining the visualization’s aim, the path is set at the beginning of the process to achieve the desired output.

_1 Concept

We are exploring the project for potential compositions, unfolding the characteristics of the design, and creating point-of-view suggestions from there. 

By defining the story and atmospheric aspects as the light situation, the season, and the visual style, we emphasize the narrative of the project and the concept behind it.

_2 Creation

In this phase, we are translating the defined concept into an image. The image’s story is told through materials, light, and the choice of vegetation, furniture, and objects. We are already pushing the idea as far as possible and investing more time in this phase than we have. Before going into refining the details, we are sending a preview version that brings together all relevant elements of the image and reflects the aimed final output. We are reassuring to support the aim of the image with the chosen concept and are asking for feedback to be on track with further development.

Design support:

We offer additional feedback rounds that can be added to the usual workflow when the design is still in development while the images are being produced. Through this, it’s possible to try different versions of a facade detail, create material variations or test a design in a three-dimensional space.

_3 Refinement

We are pursuing the development of the image, complementing missing elements like people or accessories and adding details where they’re improving the quality of the picture. The output is provided in final quality from our side.

_4 Finalization

We are implementing minor final comments and giving the image a finishing touch.

With this new workflow, we are investing more time at the beginning of the process, creating and suggesting concepts to better serve the purpose of the image. 

The understanding of the individual needs and peculiarities of each project, combined with a swift progression towards a full image, leads to more fruitful cooperation.  

You can find the full workflow description as a PDF with more details: in > German and > English.

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