Implementation of the new V5.0 Holacracy constitution

About a month ago we officially upgraded to Holacracy version 5.0. Even though the change in how we are organized doesn’t at all change what we do, it does have an impact on the way we work. The new version comes with a newly written constitution, a document that defines the “rules of the game”. It became shorter, much easier to read, and makes it possible to adopt Holacracy in a gradual way, such as changing some aspects of the organization and leaving other parts as they are.
After 3 years into our Holacracy practice, we think that the new version pushes us even closer to the ideal of self-organization with distributed authority. It enables us to create a more fluid structure where roles have the autonomy to change the internal structures of the organization without seeking approval or consent, initiate changes without asking for permission and call ad-hoc meetings to rapidly adapt to changing situations.

If you are interested in learning more about Holacracy, this is a good place to start:

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