Tutorial: Understanding Values

It is all about the VALUES. In this black and white workshop, we will define Value and understand how it can be used in three different aspects of an image: Concept, Structure, and Composition. We will also learn some tips and tricks on how to read and apply value to Photoshop. So pay attention and prepare yourselves for the no color mode of image-making.

Bruno Barbosa © Nightnurse Images

The bigger goal here is to understand what makes a good image. Why is it that a particular image is pleasing to the eye and a joy to stare at while another one just won’t work? There probably is no single answer to that question but we can at least attempt to approach the problem in a scientific manner and come up with objective methods that will ensure the success and effectiveness of an image.

So, let’s get to it! In this workshop tutorial, Nightnurse Images visualizer, Bruno Barbosa, will guide you through the following:

– Definition of values
– Values as a concept
– Values as a structure
– Values as composition
– Tips and tricks


Nightnurse Images – Values Workshop

This video is a Nightnurse Images’ production inspired by concepts from Eytan Zana and Sycra. All images used in this presentation are marked with image rightful attribution on each individual image throughout the presentation.

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