Our Software Choices

We often get asked what software we use for our images. We here give you a short introduction to our current software choices.

3D Modeling
We use Rhino 3D for modeling in 3D. The majority of our models are produced by our professional team in Buenos Aires. However, some modeling task or changes are done by our visualizers in Zurich or New York.

Our visualizer team is currently using two different software. One part of our team is using Maxon’s Cinema 4D. The images below are made in Cinema 4D.

The other part of our team uses Autodesk’s 3ds Max. The images below are made in 3ds Max.

We use Corona Renderer as our rendering engine for both Cinema 4D and 3ds Max.

Once we have rendered a visual we use Adobe Photoshop or After Effects for the finishing touches.

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