How We are Breaking the Boundaries of Virtual Reality

A traditional Virtual Reality (VR) experience entails a need for special equipment and fitting surroundings, a big limitation factor that we have found a workaround with our new VR-experience. It is our pleasure to announce: Nightnurse Images’ new immersive VR-experience: Our newest hit that allows you to explore a space in real-time, where ever you are, and with no VR-equipment needed.

We have experienced a rapidly growing interest in our virtual reality solutions. Most likely because more and more people and industries have gotten their eyes up for the enormous potential of VR. VR-experiences allow for an immersive and interactive experience that is perfectly fit for new building projects. As it in a unique manner, gives the opportunity to experience new environments from all angles, potentially helping all interested parties to understand the idea of a building project.

Unfortunately, however, we found that the benefits of VR solutions are only really useful for a physical showroom, as they require expensive hardware and cannot be presented via the Internet. Furthermore, they are complex to produce and require special software, which makes it not just a bigger work to produce, but also a bigger investment. In conclusion, traditional VR is no more than a cool showcase gimmick, but it should be so much more.

We searched far and wide for a solution – and a solution was what we found. A solution is inspired by our classic virtual 360° tours: Where a handful of viewpoints are pre-defined and the viewer jumps between the individual viewpoints to experience the space. An experience that is fully functional and accessible anywhere via your computer tablet or smartphone.

We created a VR-experience that allows you to walk through the entire apartment instead of having to rely on fixed positions, as for the virtual 360° tours. Our solution is extremely user friendly, requires no training or hardware. Naturally, the experience has the high visual quality and you can take the experience with you anywhere via your trusted internet browser, on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.


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