Our Inspirational Are.na

As visualizers, we rely on each other and the world around us for inspiration that can set the mood and aesthetic of a new visualization. We have grown fond of a new online platform called Are.na, where we easily can share inspirational images with our teammates, clients, and now you.

Are.na is a public platform for creative people. The platform focuses greatly on knowledge sharing and networking between creatives and it is completely ad-free.

Currently, Nightnurse Images is one of the bigger creative companies that use the platform. We basically use it to share stuff we like. Our profile is public, so everyone can swing by and get inspired. For us Are.na additionally, makes it easy for us to share images with our clients, for them to pick and choose images they like and for us to create a mood boards for our visualizations.

Here is a small video clip that show you how Are.na for works:

The post is not sponsored or an ad for Are.na, we just like sharing the way we work with you.

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