Autumn, My Love & What There Could Be …

…the romance of rainy and misty moments in autumn with wet brown autumn leaves beneath your feet, you`re walking through dusky mornings and returning in the dusky evenings, escaping in between in illuminated refuges, built to make you feel safe and where you are on to follow your mission and – in best case – to fulfill your bliss, before you are stepping out again…

© Nightnurse Images

For this time of the season, we chose to delight your Monday morning with these autumnal and cozy visuals we made for one of our regular clients. Boltshauser Architekten entered with this project the competition for the new office building “Empa Eawag, Duebendorf”, in which especially the sustainability aspects should be comprehensively solved.

Our job was – as it is for all of our projects – to solve what potential lies in the project, to assist in finding its true nature hiding somewhere there and to make this unseen visible.

© Nightnurse Images

As a “nursing” companion we try to put what the client needs in the right spotlight and if there is the clients`need we are also available as a caring consultant. Our images are more paintings than visuals, they are showing more the potential and beauty of “places” than showing just projects, they are unearthing emotions of what there could be by telling a visual story.

We help our clients see what there could be and we want to inspire them through their own projects. This is our purpose. For Nightnurse Images do care.

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