A Day with a Drone Pilot

We joined your very own drone captain Chris Payne for a test flight of our drones. Under perfect conditions, a group of nurses got an introduction to the drones and learned how to fly them.

On a beautiful fall day in October, we went out of our office to learn some drone flying from Chris Payne, who is our drone pilot and captain here at Nightnurse Images. Together with co-pilot Antoni Keszycki, the collected nurses got detailed instructions on how to fly the drones and take pictures with them, as well as an explanation of the legal conditions of drone flying. After the instructions, the pilot aspirants tried out to fly the drones themselves.

Chris and the drones (Dji Phantom and Dji Inspire)

Nightnurse Images has two drones. The main visual differences for the inexperienced drone enthusiast is the size and color of the two. However, they are different in more ways than what is visible to the eye: The larger one is a Dji Inspire, which is an older model and its key capability is filming. The smaller and newer model is a Dji Phantom that is better for taking pictures.

At Nightnurse Images we use the drones to take pictures of places and the pictures we use for visualizations. The drones give the possibility of new perspectives that aid our visualizations. Because it can also help show a project from a point of view that gives a better overview and show the surrounding area as well – which in some projects are relevant and needed.

A drone selfie of the nurses at drone school

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