Real Expo Real & The Swiss Circle

This month started with our visit to the EXPO REAL in Munich, where we reached out for three days for exciting new input. The event is a Real-Estate Trade Show for the German and larger Central European region with a pretty good Swiss attendance and the Swiss-Circle, a real-estate marketing group we are a member of, hosted a stall.

Now reason enough for us to share in time – before this month ends – the Swiss Circle meets Digitaltag – that will take place tomorrow at the Central Station in Zurich. The Swiss Circle invites to find out what digitalization means today and in the future. The participation is free of charge.

In the meantime… what stills can we bring to life for you?

# “Living” the community

© Nightnurse Images für Atelier Schmidt, Bombasei Areal, Nanikon

# Take a break

© Nightnurse Images for BS + EMI, Im Schuppis, Schwamendingen

# High Like An Eagle

© Nightnurse Images for Ochs Schmidhuber WBW Richard Strauss, München

# Winter Wonderland

© Nightnurse Images for XSSA, Le Roc, Saas-Fee

#Rooms with a View

© Nightnurse Images for Boltshauser Architekten, Wohnhochhaus Projekt Pi, Zug ♥︎ 

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