How to: Use Our Visual Workflow to Your Advantage

We often get project requests that include questions on how we work and how many corrections that are possible throughout the process. To answer these questions we have developed our visual workflow.

The visual workflow is an overview of our work process. Reading our visual workflow carefully before we start working on your project is often the best way for us to get a common understanding and balance expectations of the process. Great communication is what makes great collaboration. Click the links below to read through the visual workflows:

Click here to see the Visual Workflow for Visualizations

The workflow we recommend to our clients depends on the project. For architectural competition renderings, we recommend the ‘standard’ workflow, as it is often valuable to the architect or competition teams to have more correction rounds when it is a competition project.

Click here to see the Streamlined Visual Workflow for Visualizations

The streamlined workflow we recommend for real-estate marketing images, so, especially to marketers, real estate developers, and others that want to speed up the standard process.

Click here to see the Visual Workflow for Animations

The animation workflow is for anyone who is interested in animations, rather than, or in combination with still images for their project.

We can always customize our workflow to fit your needs, however, this will most likely entail an hourly fee rather than a fixed price. If you want to know more or get a project offer do not hesitate to contact us at or via the offer form on our website.

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