Future Now / Chapter One

“The State We`re In”

There are facts. And there are habits. And a growing need. The need to take action. But where to begin?

The facts of #Climate&BiodiversityEmergency  #ClimateChange  #MassLivestockFarming  #CO2Emissions  #Overpopulation  #HumanFlows  #Climate Refugees #Overconsumption #Overproduction – only to name a few – are cornering us. We have no argumentation left to talk us out of Our Global Challenge. And yes, it`s bigger than us. So big that either we feel paralyzed or it is still too abstract and too far away to be real. In real-time we still can follow our habits and consume limitlessly it seems. And our mind loving the familiar does not like to take unfamiliar exits, it does not like to leave the comfort zone. It is easier sticking to habits.

While waiting for political regulations, we should feel the need to act. Maybe we do not know which path is the right one, for every step, we take towards „better” opens new wounds elsewhere. So it seems we are turning in loops. We know what is going on, but we do not know how to translate it. Or we cannot see what we are capable of achieving?

The motivating keyword to overcome this paralysis and to figure out what options we have in our perimeter is “Damage Limitation”. Thinking about what step could be less bad… for we have options.

One step is better than none, in a hopefully right direction. And it is better to know that we tried our best, in the end. We need to do something now for tomorrow, but tomorrow is already here. Future Now.

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