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Featured Image showing model of the “Triangle” ©  JEA.

We went to the opening of JEA., short for Jezewska Elsohn Architektur: A young and ambitious new architecture studio, established by Sylwia Jezewska and Mira Elsohn. We mingled and had a great evening in JEA.’s raw and modern studio, and we even had the chance to talk to the two founders about their ambitions and how it all kicked off.

The two founders (Sylwia and Mira) became friends while studying architecture at ETH Zurich. However, it was never their intention to start up on their own – at least not right now. But in a place of chance and serendipity, they got the opportunity and grasped it.

“If someone had asked us a year ago where we would be today, we would certainly not have answered ‹in our own office›. Everything happened so unexpectedly, as imperceptibly. And it was a good thing. One could say we did not have time to question ourselves. Are we too young, too inexperienced, too naive? And at the same time: isn’t naivety the privilege of youth Does not the unthinkable arise through her and thanks to her?”

Photo © Tom Licht

The two founds have great ambitions for the future and they exude the ability to break new grounds. They aspire to stand out with their personal approach and style, which they describe erupts from the common ground upon which their differences meet.

“We are two young architects with diametrically opposed approaches, but our strength is that we search together for harmonious, lively and functional design solutions, which develops our common character.”

JEA has already proven themselves with a stunning first project that was on display at their studio opening. The project is building a new replacement for a house in Zug, which by JEA. is named “Triangle“. It includes a challenging excavation into the mountain wall, 8 apartments, as well as a beautiful and functional new building exterior fitted to the building’s location, overlooking the old town of Zug and the Zugersee. The project is owned by Kino Hürlimann AG.

The new floor plans of the “Triangle” by JEA.

“We stand for powerful, future-oriented and sustainable architecture. Striving for a synthesis between contemporary building process and basic architectural values.”

We thank JEA. for a nice opening event, we wish them all the best and we look forward to hopefully working with them in the future.

Find out more about JEA.:
Jezewska Elsohn Architektur GmbH
Brahmsstrasse 76
8003 Zürich

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