For decades, producers of creative goods have fought for their intercultural property rights, including exclusive rights and rights to recognition. We have picked up on this ‘reignited’ topic through the #theCreditRevolution on DBOX‘s Instagram page (@dboxglobal), and have decided to join in on the conversation.

We love to see our images spread on social, online and in printed media. However, for us, it is very serious when we do not get mentioning and credited as author on images we have made because it directly links to loss of potential business.

We have experienced that this problem has increased and become harder to tackle the rise of new media. Because profiles that share our work without crediting the authorship are hard or impossible to hold accountable for their copyright infringement, as the people behind the profile can be difficult to identify.

When we have the possibility to approach our ‘infringers’ it often appears that they claim to have no knowledge of the legal rights of architectural visualizations, which must be treated equally to other “intellectual creations with an individual character, irrespective of their value or purpose” as stated in the Swiss Federal Act on Copyrights and Related Rights of 1992. Additionally, Swiss copyright law does not necessitate that the right holder files for copyright protection. Thus all authors of intercultural creations are protected by simply being individual in character.

For many reasons, we find it extremely important to join in on the Credit Revolution and spread the message, in order to keep the general public informed. We hope this will save us and many others a lot of time-consuming work fighting infringement of legal rights.

Join the Credit Revolution
Link to Dropbox Files from DBOX with free to use Publishing Guidelines, ‘How to Act’-advice, as well as pictures and videos (including captions) ready-to-use on social media for awareness of the campaign.

If you would like to see updates on activations please go follow @thecreditrevolution (on Instagram).

If you would like to help ‘police’ bad crediting practices of ArchViz work then please follow #renderbywho (on Instagram).

Images for this post © The Credit Revolution (DBOX)

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