Future Now / Chapter Three

“Take Actions & Speak to Hearts”

“Information is Beautiful: How Data Visualization Will Save the World” by Wes O’Donnell

Wes O`Donnell suggests that “beautiful information can save the world by triggering an emotional response inside of you, that is making it more likely that you will take action .” And he adds „…visualization speaks to us on a deeper level, on an emotional level, one that entices us to make a change happen“.

In the architectural scene, the “architects declare” movement, declaring climate & biodiversity emergency, reached currently already Germany. What options and possibilities are there for visualizers? The chance could lie exactly in the power that visualizations can achieve. They have the power to transport visions for the future, they can reach us, they can speak to hearts.

Nothing else can do this but a visualization. Images speak louder than words: „The best visualizations hit you emotionally. Because negative emotions are a sign that change is needed. Or a sign that you can do something“ (Wes O`Donnell). We need to do something now for tomorrow, but tomorrow is already here. Future Now.

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