comic © 2014 by gefe

Why the Name?

comic © 2014 by gefe.

Architects of all ages, in the final stage of working on a design, are often in a terrible state. Physically, they lack sleep, have not eaten sustainably for weeks, had too much coffee and too many cigarettes. Mentally, they have caved into the pressure and are starting to have doubts about their concept.
– – – At this stage the visualizer steps in. Offering their best care – being soothing, supportive and available – shedding clear light on the design, promoting it its best qualities and simply just making it look amazing.
Ultimately – resolving the pain.

Therefore, the analogy of a nurse, who is always near, constantly working to ease the pain and quickly prepared to respond to the “beep” of a pager at all times, seemed close at hand. And because the team, in the early days, had full-time jobs to fulfill during the day, nighttime was the only time where they were able to “render” their service and create images. 

This is the origin of the name “Nightnurse Images”. The company was registered in Zurich in June 2010.

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